Another roaring success for mFiL

Posted on May 6, 2019 by

The past week saw another edition of the Manchester Forum in Linguistics, and yet again, it was a hugely successful event. The first mFiL was organised in Manchester in 2012, and it set a new tradition of inviting early career academics as plenary speakers. This has continued over the years, giving students and ECRs in linguistics a platform for sharing their work, as well as their experience of life in academia. This year has been no different, featuring invited talks from Marije van Hattum (Manchester), Vincent Hughes (York), Eleni Kapogianni (Kent) and Christina Kim (Kent), all of whom also contributed to the careers panel (pictured).

In addition to Marije’s plenary talk on “The (socio)linguistic value of sources of Late Modern English ‘from below’”, there were also talks from the following Manchester linguists.

“The meaning of je pense and je crois: A corpus-based study” by Juliette Angot

“Don’t let me be misunderstood: Exploring phonological and lexical processing in auditory perception” by Massimiliano Canzi

“A study of vowel-pair frequencies in Lozi: Implications for formal analyses” by Stephen Nichols

“The story of Mandarin /r/” by Kaiyue Xing

Special shoutout for the lead organiser, Zainab Salloo, and the organising committee: Juliette Angot, Massimiliano Canzi, Mary Chioti, Stefano Coretta, Lisa Donlan, Alexandru Giurgea, Roisin Huggins, Lorenzo Moretti, Donald Alasdair Morrison, Anh-Khoi Nguyen, Stephen Nichols, Nicole Rajan-Brown, Kaiyue Xing

If you missed the conference, check out the Twitter feed for highlights.