Posted on May 26, 2019 by

The Manchester Phonology Meeting has just seen its 27th edition. The conference is a firm favourite for phonologists around the world. It annually welcomes over a hundred delegates, and it’s documented to trigger a rare meteorological phenomenon in our fine city, known as ‘sunshine’.

This year, the conference was hosted, for the first time, at a new venue, the University of Manchester Innovation Centre. This distracted the local phonologists to the extent that they forgot to submit their abstracts. Therefore, the sweet burden of representing LEL fell to Margit Bowler. You might know Margit as a semanticist and a fieldworker, but she can also produce excellent phonology work, as exemplified by her poster on vowel harmony in Warlpiri.

In addition, to the main conference, we hosted a fringe meeting on teaching phonology, co-organised by former LEL colleague, Yuni Kim (currently at Essex), Patrick Honeybone (Edinburgh) and Elizabeth Zsiga (Georgetown). Yuni also presented a paper in the main session, on ‘Spreading and correspondence in Huave vowel copy’. Another Manchester contribution was a discussion on lexically specific phonology, the special theme of the conference, led by Ricardo Bemúdez-Otero (pictured above).



Margit with co-author, Jesse Zymet, in the poster session