Nichols and Bailey in Glasgow

Posted on June 7, 2019 by

Stephen Nichols and George Bailey visited Glasgow yesterday to present the next instalment of their award-winning research on /s/-retraction in Manchester English at the Glasgow University Laboratory of Phonetics Lab Lunch. The talk was titled ‘/ʃ/tranger things have happened’, in an interesting cinematic twist from a previous incarnation, ‘Retraction on Coronation [ʃ]treet’. Manchet approves of not recycling the same joke, and suggests the following titles for future research developments:

  • ‘The W[uw]f of W[ow] [ʃ]treet’ (on correlation between /l/-vocalisation and /s/-retraction)
  • ‘Brown Paper Packages Tied up with [ʃ]trings’ (the rise of /s/-retraction in Austrian German)
  • ‘A/ʃ/tral beauty’ (/s/-retraction in Brian Cox’s speech)
  • ‘Episode V: Retraction [ʃ]trikes back’