Postcard from Ricardo

Posted on July 5, 2019 by

It’s that time of the year when Manchester linguists disperse around the globe to research, document, discuss, teach, record, write and think about all things language. They will keep you updated about their endeavours via postcards sent to Manchet.

The first one of the season has arrived from Leipzig, where Ricardo has taken up residence as Brugmann Fellow for 2019. The Brugmann Fellowship is a prestigious visiting professorship in linguistics hosted by the Research Training Group Interaction of grammatical building blocks, funded by the German Science Foundation and affiliated to the Research Academy Leipzig (life sciences section). The Fellowship is named after Karl Brugmann (1849–1919), one of the members of the neogrammarian movement widely  held to have given birth to modern scientific linguistics. Recent holders of the Brugmann Fellowship include Professors Paul Kiparsky (Stanford) and Donca Steriade (MIT).

Featured photo shows Karl Brugmann, and not Ricardo, although you’ll note that they share an impeccable sense of style.