Postcard from Kersti

Posted on July 8, 2019 by

Kersti is down under for the International Conference on Historical Linguistics (ICHL)24 and the 24th International LFG Conference (LFG2019) in Canberra. She’s killing two conferences with one long-haul trip, which seems only prudent. 

Both conferences feature plenaries from Manchester linguists. Nigel Vicent gave a plenary at ICHL on ‘The diachrony of control… and the control of diachrony’, whereas Kersti is giving a plenary at LFG on ‘Noun Phrases in LFG’. Both Kersti and Nigel are also doing a teach-in at LFG.

A careful review of the conference programmes reveals substantial involvement from Manchester connected linguists. At ICHL, there were:

Kersti Börjars, Chris Hicks and John Payne on Chinese classifiers

Hannah Both and Tine Breban on expletive subjects in Old Icelandic and Old English

Lorenzo Moretti on causative (ge)don in Old English

Maj-Britt Mosegaard-Hansen on semantic/pragmatic cyclicity in evolution of pragmatic markers

Kersti Börjars and Tine Breban on structural persistence

Former PhD student Louise Mycock had a joint paper on pro-tags in English. 

At LFG, former PhD student Hannah Booth has a joint poster with Christin Schätzle on word order in Icelandic.

According, to Kersti, it was difficult to get all the Mancs together in one photo, so here’s a cute photo of a koala joey instead. The joey is local to Canberra and only started to poke its head out last week, to coincide with ICHL. The joey is yet unnamed. Manchet thinks Grimm might be an appropriate name under the historical circumstances. Readers are welcome to submit their own name suggestions through Twitter replies and Facebook comments.