RUSE! Do not play fast and loose with language change

Posted on August 22, 2019 by

RUSE2019 conference has come, been and gone, but the aftershocks are still very much noticeable in the language change community. Manchet reporters were on the scene as the conference drew to a close yesterday, and can confirm that rivers of coffee had been drunk, ideas had been discussed, and inspiration was felt all round.

For those of you who snoozed through RUSE, the conference was on Representations, Usage and Social Embedding in Language Change, and it was organised by the fabulous trio of Henri Kauhanen, Deepthi Gopal and Stephen Nichols. It featured a plenary by LEL’s Ricardo Bermúdez-Otero on ‘The initiation and incrementation of sound change: momentum vs social meaning‘, as well as the following contributions by Manchester linguists and affiliates:

Lauren Fonteyn & Andrea Nini
Individuality in syntactic variation: an investigation of the 17th-century gerund alternation

Henri Kauhanen & George Walkden
When is a constant rate truly constant? A Monte Carlo power analysis of the logistic operationalization of constant rate effects


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