Summer internships in Linguistics 2019

Posted on August 27, 2019 by

While LEL colleagues and postgraduate students were busy travelling the world this summer, gathering data, teaching and conferencing, you might think things have been quiet in Manchester. You would, however, be entirely wrong thinking that. Our department has hosted no fewer than five ‘Learning through Research’ internships this summer. Each of these internships corresponds to a research project, supervised by an academic, and involving research carried out by an undergraduate student. The interns who have benefitted from this scheme are:

Emma Donington Kiey, supervised by David Denison

Laura Giles, supervised by Vera Hohaus

Yuyang Guan, supervised by Andrea Nini

Ellie Martin, supervised by Marije van Hattum

Miles Townsend, supervised by Eva Schultze-Berndt

Over the next days, Manchet will report in more detail on the projects, featuring contributions from individual interns.