Laura Giles on her internship

Posted on August 28, 2019 by

Laura Giles is a second year student in English Language at Manchester. Below is her own description of her summer internship with Vera Hohaus.

During my six week internship at the Psycholinguistics Lab, I recruited participants, carried out language experiments, learnt about the software for doing so, and started designing a study of my own. I have learnt a lot from this internship, such as recruiting participants is not as simple as I thought, what working in research is like, and learnt a lot more about the programmes and software used in linguistics. I’ve gained lots of knowledge about the field of linguistics and it has helped me to learn more about other fields of linguistics, like computational linguistics. During the final two weeks I also started teaching myself python and spaCy, as both of these are used in computational linguistics and this is what I am looking to go into once I graduate. So this opportunity has not only given me the knowledge of how to run experiments and how psycholinguistics labs run, but also the opportunity to learn a lot about other areas of linguistics.


Featured photo shows the Psycholinguistics Lab.