Yuyang Guan’s internship

Posted on August 30, 2019 by

Yuyang Guan is a student in Actuarial Science, who has been assisting Andrea Nini with the development of an R Shiny App for mapping lexical frequency. Below is his own account of his internship.

My work in this program is mainly about visualizing the frequency of the use of words in different areas of the U.S. and making an application on a webpage to help people to get those mappings. Through the program, I improved my knowledge on R and learned how to build a server with Rshiny on a virtual machine running on Linux.
The program provided me a chance to get involved into a research process and gave me a view of how some information technology could be helpful to this research about dialect. It is a great experience which I couldn’t get from my routine courses.
I also enjoyed my time with Dr Andrea Nini. I could always get support from him whenever I have questions and he is also too nice to give me advice not only on the program itself but also on anything other than it. I would also like to thank the university for providing those internships which are worth taking for us students.


The pretty map above was generated using the fruits of Yuyang’s labour. If you’d like to use the app too, keep an eye on Manchet. We’ll publish the URL when the time is ripe.