Mancunian linguists reach Mile End

Posted on September 3, 2019 by

East London’s Greggs are on high alert, as a group of Manchester linguists are at Queen Mary University of London this week, attending UK Language Variation and Change 12. UKLVC is a biennial conference on language variation and change, sociolinguistics, and dialectology. The Mancs are carrying the torch for Northern accents there, presenting three different papers, in which Northern Englishes feature heavily:

A [ʃ]triking change in Manchester English a talk by George Bailey, Stephen Nichols, Maciej Baranowski & Danielle Turton (Incidentally, it did not escape Manchet’s attention that some of our own clever title suggestions have been ignored by the authors)

The Effect of Priming on Accent Attitudes: An Investigation of their Affective and Cognitive Bases  a talk by Mary Chioti

Defining accent features in urban Northern English vowel systems a poster by Pat Strycharczuk, Manuel López-Ibáñez, Georgina Brown & Adrian Leemann


In addition, alumnus Jon Morris (now at Cardiff) is presenting the following papers:

Intonational Variation in the speech of Welsh-English bilinguals in north Wales

Can you tell by their English if they can speak Welsh? Accent perception in a language contact situation (with Robert Mayr & Llian Roberts)


Featured photo is of Mary, Pat and George at the conference