Mancunians at LAGB

Posted on September 12, 2019 by

Hot on the heels of the UK Language Variation and Change, London is hosting the 2019 Annual Meeting of the Linguistics Association of Great Britain. Keeping Virgin Trains in business, a rather large Mancunian contingent is in attendance, with the following contributions:

Juliette Angot

The meanings of je pense and je crois in French interaction

Stephen Nichols and Henri Kauhanen

Vowel-pair rank- frequency distributions are polylogarithmic

Stefano Coretta

Temporal stability and compensatory adjustments: data on the effect of voicing on vowel duration in Italian and Polish

Kaiyue Xing

Rhoticity in Mandarin Chinese: An articulatory study

Emily Hanink
A phrasal analysis of explicit comparatives in Fijian

Maria Chioti

The effect of priming on accent-attitudes: an investigation of their affective and cognitive bases

Tine Breban

Diagnosing grammatical change in English


Featured image: Kaiyue, Juliette, Stephen, Stefano, Mary, Tine and Emily at the conference.