Welcome (back) to Mary Begley

Posted on September 20, 2019 by

Attentive readers of Manchet will recognise Mary Begley, who graduated from LEL last year. This term, she returns as a colleague to teach a new unit, The Changing Structure of English.

Here is Mary introducing herself, at Manchet’s request.

“My interests are historical lexical change, particularly Middle English. My thesis addressed change in the ME lexical field of INSANITY, the impact medieval social change had on emotion language, and the close connection between insanity and anger.

As an ex-mental health nurse, I am also interested in language and stigma, linguistic relativism, and the interaction between the language we use to describe mental states, and societal attitudes/ beliefs.

Outside of linguistics, I am a member of the Oral History Society, and am working with Bolton Museum collecting life stories from the local LGBTQ community.

I am a vegan, love walking in the countryside (slowly!) and cycling (slowly!). Currently, I am very busy making dozens of jars of jam, chutney and stewed apples!”