Mancunians in English Language and Linguistics

Posted on December 28, 2019 by

A special issue of English Language and Linguistics is out now, and it comes with a very Mancunian twist. The special issue is on proper noun modifiers, and the guest editors are our own Tine Breban, and Manchester alumna Julia Kolkman (now at York). Tine is also an author on two contributions to the issue, one of which is in collaboration with Julia and LEL’s John Payne.

The impact of semantic relations on grammatical alternation: an experimental study of proper name modifiers and determiner genitives
Tine Breban, Julia Kolkmann, John Payne

How do grammatical patterns emerge? The origins and development of the English proper noun modifier construction
Tine Breban, Hendrik Smet

That’s your holiday reading sorted!