Morrison works his way up the grammatical hierarchy

Posted on January 24, 2020 by

Attentive readers of Manchet will recall that, only recently, Donald Morrison published a paper in Phonology. Hot on the heels of that publication comes his paper in Morphology, that is one grammatical level up. Donald’s latest paper is on vowel nasalisation in Scottish Gaelic, and it tackles a potential case of incomplete neutralisation. Incomplete neutralisation, when it occurs, can be a pesky beast threatening the very foundations of grammatical architecture. ‘Aha!’ says Donald,  ‘but it does *not* occur in Scottish Gaelic, which is a more interesting test case than, say, English or German, because it avoids some problematic confounds.’ If Donald is right, and the grammatical architecture stands, he can now progress comfortably to working on syntax and semantics. Manchet will duly report. In the meantime, you can read his Morphology paper here (it’s Open Access too!).

In other news, Donald will be lecturing in our very own department this semester, teaching level 1 Sounds of Language.


The featured photo is of Donald’s cat.