The pets of LEL: Jadzia and Esperanza

Posted on February 11, 2020 by

Manchet is delighted to announce a new series: The pets of LEL. Stay tuned for updates on the department’s furry friends. Today, we’re pleased to introduce Jadzia Kimper and Esperanza Kimper.


IMG_0236Jadzia will be 2 years old in the spring.  Likes: sunny windowsills, bringing foam balls to her human so he can make them bounce for her, and “helping” with research by laying across the keyboard.  Dislikes: hoovers, being told she can’t eat plastic, and getting breakfast late.  She’s starting to get really good at her job as a lap warmer, and only claws at some of the furniture.








Esperanza will be 9 years old in the spring.  Likes: minty treats, back scratches, going really really fast, and jumping.  Dislikes: standing still, waiting her turn while someone else gets to jump, and cows (she knows they are going to kill us all).  She can recognise the sound of a pocket being unzipped from the other end of the field.  She’ll do (almost) anything for her human, but only if he asks nicely, and she finds it extremely confusing when he suddenly ends up staring up at her from the ground.