Mancunians at 42 DGfS Meeting

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If this post seems like something from another time, that’s because it is. This is a report from a conference that happened over 10 days ago, when taking a plane to attend a large meeting in another country seemed normal. Dated or not, it features linguistics, and happiness, so here goes.

The Center for Linguistics of the University of Hamburg hosted the 42nd Annual Meeting of the German Linguistic Society. The theme was linguistic diversity, and the meeting had a strong Mancunian presence.

Yaron Matras was the plenary speaker with a talk on “Contact linguistics and the evolution of the language faculty”.

The lexical semantics and hiking loving crew, who need a better collective name (Ryan, Margit, Emily and Andrew), were also there, organising a workshop on “Variation in the lexical semantics of adjectives and their crosslinguistic kin”.

Another Mancunian presence was Lauren Fonteyn (now at Leiden), speaking about “Semantic change in the recent history of ‘into’ and ‘about'”. If you‘re about distributional semantics, you‘ll be into this.


This is likely the last conference report from Manchet for a while, but we’re not going anywhere, because we had prudently stockpiled pictures of PETS. Stay tuned.


Featured photo: Margit, Andrew, Emily and Ryan on their way to Hamburg


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