Baranowski and Turton in LVC

Posted on May 8, 2020 by

LEL’s Maciej Baranowski and PhD alumna, Danielle Turton, are in the midst of a publishing frenzy. Only recently, Manchet reported their Journal of Linguistics paper on the FOOT and STRUT vowel(s) in Manchester English. Now they are back with an even more impressive number: a Language Variation and Change (Big Deal Socio Journal) paper on td-deletion in Manchester English. Their analysis sheds light on a perplexing Mancunian phenomenon. Most accents of American English show a difference in the rate of deletion for the final stop between words like mist and words like missed. None of that in Manchester though. Maciej and Danielle propose this has something to do with final glottaling, and they have impressive corpus data to back them up.

The paper is available Open Access here.

The featured photo is of a well-known speaker of Manchester English.