Mancunians at LabPhon17

Posted on July 6, 2020 by

LabPhon17, the biennial conference of the Association for Laboratory Phonology begins today, featuring the following contributions by LEL-affiliates.

*Dr* (it’s official!) Stefano Coretta (now at LMU Munich) is presenting a poster with a bit of a downer of a title, but here goes “Meta-analytical estimates of the effect of voicing on vowel duration in English are biased”. Stefano is also a co-author on an oral paper, presented by LEL’s Pat Strycharczuk: “Two mechanisms for vowel reduction in Polish” (title more neutral. Stefano, take note). In addition to that paper, Pat is co-presenting a poster titled “Towards a phonetic definition of diphthongs” (best title so far, cautiously optimistic, clearly defined goals).

The conference is taking place online, and features a packed programme of all things lab and phon. If that sounds enticing, you can still join the conference, by joining the Society.