Mancunians at UKCLC2020

Posted on July 29, 2020 by

The UK Cognitive Linguistics Conference 2020 is happening this week “in Birmingham”, featuring two papers from LEL linguists.

Andrea Nini, Michael Cameron and Colin Murphy are giving a paper titled “Is each person’s lexicogrammatical system unique? An experimental study on linguistic individuality”. The paper is based on Michael and Colin’s MA research targeting the same larger research question from two different perspectives. The results are so exciting they’ve gone straight to a major conference. In a nutshell, the findings suggest that the differences between two random individuals are far greater than when an individual is compared to themselves when they are tested again after some time, that is we *are* individuals. In more practical terms, it means that you  should think before posting anonymously on the internet. These guys can find you.

Presenting at the same conference is PhD student Mary Chioti with a paper on “The Effect of Priming on Accent Attitudes: An Investigation of their Affective and Cognitive Bases”. Mary’s research investigates how attitudes to accents are formed, in the context  of more general cognitive processes that are at play in attitude formation. The research uses a priming paradigm to untangle some of the causes, and although the results are still under way, the findings emerging so far suggest that accents are complex beasts.