Welcome to Jens Hopperdietzel

Posted on September 11, 2020 by


A warm welcome to LEL’s newest postdoc Jens Hopperdietzel! Jens is joining Andrew’s project on lexical categories after Ryan left (😢) for UBC.

Jens is joining us from Berlin, where he’s finishing a PhD at the Humboldt University on resultative constructions in lesser described Oceanic languages, such as Daakaka (spoken in Vanuatu) and Samoan. He’s interested in argument and event structure specifically, and more generally in syntax and its interfaces to morphology, semantics and prosody. He also has a strong commitment to cross-linguistic research and fieldwork. He’s not just saying this to fit in, there is photographic evidence of him doing fieldwork in Vanuatu (featured).

But let’s focus on the important stuff: what kind of name is Hopperdietzel anyway? Jens is from Rhineland area, and his name is most likely related to Düsseldorf’s carnival joker “Hoppeditz” (which literally translates to “jumping kid”), who awakes out of a mustard pot on  November, 11 each year. Yep, mustard pot, you read that right.

Not much chance of running into Jens in the corridors at the moment, but you can follow his research achievements on your faithful Manchet. Jens is already being pressured into getting a pet, there will be progress reports.

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