Villa-García’s publishing spree

Posted on October 9, 2020 by

Attentive readers of Manchet will remember Julio’s paper on Spanish que that came out in Glossa last year. Manchet is delighted to report that Julio has now graduated from que to sí que, and since it’s two words, two papers were needed to elucidate all the syntactic intricacies involved.

“On the Contrasts Between ‘yes’ and sí que ‘yes that’ in Spanish and the Structure of the Complementizer Phrase Domain” has been published in Studies in Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics (available here), whereas “Dialectal variation in the expression of que in sí-que ‘yes that’ contexts across Spanish: The case of some Latin American Spanish varieties” is out in Glossa (manuscript here). Both papers are co-authored with Raquel González Rodríguez. How they managed to synchronise two publications in one week, we’ll never know. Chapeau!

Featured photo is of Julio in his other element