Pets of LEL: Tiger

Posted on October 29, 2020 by

Pets of LEL is back! The first pet of the new cycle has been entered by Sam, who has just started his MA in Linguistics at Manchester. Here’s Sam’s account of his furry friend.

This is Tiger. Tiger is three years old. He dislikes humans in general but likes me for some peculiar reasons of his own. He likes, of course, treats, and going outside. Even if going outside was the last thing he could ever do, he would definitely do it. He likes to explore. He dislikes any sleep interruptions, wrongly-timed pets, pets from strangers, wanting to be pet and not having been so, and locked doors. He’s difficult to get along with, but he is undoubtedly worth it. 

Tiger definitely sounds like he’s got a bit of attitude, but he’s oh-so-handsome 😻