Pets of LEL: Remmie and Betsy

Posted on November 3, 2020 by

Say hello to Remmie and Betsy, submitted by Neve a.k.a. Remy (nickname similarity not coincidental). Neve is a first year student in English Language with French, and the first year student rep.

This is Remmie, the cheeky pony.

Likes: food. Any food, pony-friendly or not (she once tried to eat a sausage butty, but her human wasn’t up for sharing), going on adventures, back scratches…
did anyone mention food?

Dislikes: being told what to do and cows, but let’s be honest, nobody likes a cow.

Betsy (featured) is the world’s naughtiest kitten.

Likes: randomly scratching people when unprovoked (i.e. launching a surprise attack on a friendly petter), chasing leaves, running around the house for no reason, trying to escape from her tail, training in being a trip hazard (weaving through people’s legs, curling into a ball on the stairs…)

Dislikes: being told not to sit on a laptop. She’s also averse to any form of nice cat behaviour (i.e. sitting on people’s laps, purring, generally being cute).