Pets you could never PASS up on

Posted on November 13, 2020 by

A pet post to end all pet posts (though hopefully not) – enjoy these majestic animals submitted by the Session 1 PASS students, with their own commentary.

If we were meeting in person our conversations—like typical students—would have consisted of food, go-to snacks and sharing best places to eat around Manchester. Snacks are the way to a student’s heart, but the quote about a dog being a man’s best friend definitely applies to our PASS sessions. This year, instead of food, our chats (through Zoom and WhatsApp) consist of cats, ducks and other pets.

Meet them here!

Introducing: Dimple and Button (Sam’s ducks) Dimple is the slightly… slow one with the pink bill, Button is the glamorous one with the orange. They spend most of their time helping out in the garden, recently by foraging through the carefully raked up piles of leaves just in case any tasty morsel had accidentally been left behind.

Introducing: Minerva and McGonagall (Forbes’ cats)
These two sisters are never far from each other when they sleep.

Introducing: Sapphire, Amber and Taylor (Rowan’s cats) The blonde girls are Sapphire and Amber. They are ragdoll cats and they really act like it! If they get too scared or you shock them, their first instinct is to lie down and roll over which is really cute. The rather unflattering photo is of Taylor, but he is the most lovely touchy cat! He always tries to knock stuff out of my hands to get me to pet him – he has turned my computer off before in Zooms so I’d give him attention!

Introducing: Cecilia’s Zoo Clover, the baby of the family… one of her favourite things to do is see people off in the stairwell when they leave! Garlic loves to lounge in sunny places and sleep in bed with us at night. Ginger is always looking for attention! Patches has the silkiest fur. She’s usually quite shy but she appreciates your company 🙂 Kitty is super fluffy and loves to snuggle up against people. Pepper loves a good belly rub and sitting on people’s laps 😀 Finally, there Marco Polo; he yells sometimes and is very loud but he’s really smart. He likes to eat peanuts 😛