New job for Canzi

Posted on January 11, 2021 by

Congratulations to Max Canzi, who has just taken up a position as Lab Manager at the University of Konstanz. Konstanz has a record of poaching top talent from Manchester, including George Walkden, Henri Kauhanen, Fernanda Barrientos, and Hannah Booth. A local legend says that once enough Mancunians have arrived in Konstanz, Greggs will open up a shop on the town’s central square with tariff-free sausage rolls.

Max has been a PhD student at Manchester since 2017, working on an experimental project that investigates the relationship between phonological and semantic information in speech processing. The thesis will be ready any day now (no pressure, Max!). He enjoyed running ERP experiments for his thesis project so much, he’s decided to run experiments for a living. Apart from unfettered enthusiasm for lab research, Max also has oodles of experience, having worked as Manchester Psycholinguistics Lab Assistant for three years. Our lab will not be the same without him, but all the best to Max in his new job!

Featured photo is of the Rhine in Konstanz, by Max