LEL linguists’ Spring conference circuit

Posted on April 8, 2021 by

Just like snowdrops and bluebells popping out shyly the frozen ground, linguistic conferences have begun to arrive, reminding us that the Spring is finally here. The following meetings will feature contributions by LEL linguists.

Jens Hopperdietzel will be presenting a poster on Talmy’s typology in serializing languages: Variations on a vP” (abstract here) at GLOW44, the grand dame of theoretical linguistics meetings.

For more theorising, Jens will be virtually popping over to the Roots Workshop at WCCFL39, where he will give a poster on “Root meaning is configurational: Evidence from the manner/result ambiguity in Daakaka” (abstract here). The same conference also features a paper with LEL’s Andrew Koontz-Garboden as a contributor: Beavers, Koontz-Garboden and Spicer: “Degrees and Standards in the Meanings of Roots” (abstract here).

Meanwhile, Kaiyue Xing is presenting at the BAAP2020 (what is time anymore?) Work in Progress. This is a special edition of the British Association of Academic Phoneticians meeting, giving a platform for graduate students to present their work. Kaiyue’s paper is on “Rhoticity in Mandarin /r/: phonetic and phonological perspectives”.