Hazel Pearson at LEL seminar

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The second Linguistics and English Language (LEL) research seminar of the semester will feature a talk by Hazel Pearson (Queen Mary University, London). The seminar will take place tomorrow, Tuesday, 12/10/2021 at 4pm either in person in Roscoe_2.3. or, if you prefer, online via zoom https://zoom.us/j/8379113954. The speaker will give her talk online, but we will come together afterwards for a wine reception in the Linguistics Common Room. The abstract is below.

Individual and stage-level predicates of personal taste: another argument for genericity as the source of faultless disagreement Hazel Pearson  This paper compares simple predicates of personal taste (PPTs) such as tasty and beautiful with their complex counterparts (eg tastes goodlooks beautiful). I argue that the former differ from the latter along two dimensions. Firstly, simple PPTs are individual-level predicates, whereas complex ones are stage-level. Secondly, covert Experiencer arguments of simple PPTs obligatorily receive a generic interpretation; by contrast, the covert Experiencer of a complex PPT can receive a generic, bound variable or referential interpretation. I provide an analysis of these facts based on a novel proposal about the licensing of individual-level predicates (the ‘ILP Licensing Condition’). This condition states that all covert pronominal arguments of an individual-level predicate must be bound by the generic operator. Finally, I show that generic construal of the Experiencer is a necessary condition for so-called ‘faultless disagreement’. This is evidence in favour of treatments of subjective meaning that appeal to genericity, and against relativism about PPTs  
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