Eleanor Chodroff at LEL Seminar

Posted on October 22, 2021 by

For the next talk in this term’s LEL Seminar series, we will be welcoming Eleanor Chodroff (York), who will present on “Between maximal bricolage and maximal structure: Identifying constraints on phonetic realization” (abstract below). The talk will be delivered in person in Roscoe 2_3, although there is also the option of following the talk on Zoom. The seminar will be on Tuesday, 26th October, 2021 at 4pm (Zoom link: ttps://zoom.us/j/8379113954). There will be a drinks reception following the talk in the Linguistics Common Room. All are welcome!

Between maximal bricolage and maximal structure:  

Identifying constraints on phonetic realization 

Eleanor Chodroff 

A core aspect of linguistics is understanding the range and limits on linguistic variation. It is well-known that phonetic variation is extensive, but also highly structured by a variety of linguistic and extralinguistic factors (e.g., social variables). In this talk, we consider the linguistic constraints that might structure phonetic variation within and across talkers and languages. Specifically, we ask which constraints might govern the projection of phonological segments into a phonetic space, that is, the process of phonetic realization. We consider three possible constraints: target, contrast, and pattern uniformity which variably constrain the mapping between (aspects of) a phonological segment and its corresponding set of phonetic targets. In a series of case studies, we examine the influence of these constraints on phonetic realization across talkers and languages.