Linguistics Society now official!

Posted on April 25, 2022 by

Undergraduate students at LEL have founded a linguistics society, which is now The Linguistics Society, officially recognised by the Student Union. Below is a post by one of the co-founders, Alice Eddyshaw, about who they are and wha they do.

This year myself and three other second year LEL students co-founded the Linguistics Society here at UoM.

Although we had heard that there had been a Linguistics Society here in the past, there wasn’t one anymore and we were very passionate about setting up a group for students of Linguistics or English Language as well as students with an interest in Linguistics/English Language.

Our chair, and the first member of the committee, Cecilia, says: “I thought it’d be nice for linguistics students to have a community. It’s a good way to get to know each other outside of PASS (as an attendee or leader) and classes. Also, Linguistics is an interesting discipline and I’ve found that many people are interested in it even if they study other things.”

Left to right: That’s me, Alice Eddyshaw [she/they] (Linguistics and German); Samuel Alexander [he/him] (legend); Marijn Boomars [she/her] (English Language and Literature); Imogen Smith [she/her] (Linguistics and Sociology) and Cecilia Tang [any pronouns] (Linguistics and Social Anthropology)

Here we are with Sam Alex on our way to set up for our first social, a scavenger hunt around the Samuel Alexander building. That social was a lot of fun and helped those in attendance to get to know the building as well as some of their peers. To this day, my experience writing clues for that treasure hunt helps me to find my way around the building’s maze of corridors without coming to a dead end!

The society at our first social, having completed the scavenger hunt as well as some beautiful ‘wug’ art pieces

For the first few months we operated as a student group or club, rather than a society but, as of the 16th of February 2022, we are now an official society and are delighted to be able to have that title while continuing to partner with the wonderful LEL department.

At the moment, we’re running socials once a fortnight and study groups fortnightly too, falling in alternating weeks. We’ve done pub quizzes, bowling and, most recently, a movie night.

Here’s a picture of us doing the SU bar’s weekly pub quiz.

As well as our regular socials, we are also planning a couple of special events for this semester and there will be lots more next year too. We’re excited to announce our plans to go on a day trip to Lancaster to meet Lancaster University’s Linguistics Society on Saturday the 7th of May!! We’re also in the process of planning an end-of-year ball/mixer so watch out for more news on that very soon! To hear about our future events and to join the community, you can follow us on Instagram, @ uom_lingsoc, or join our Facebook group, ‘UoM Linguistics Society’!!

Lastly, we’d like to thank Vera Hohaus and Thea Cameron-Faulkner for being there to support and mentor us through the process, from running our first social to where we are today, as well as all of the other staff and students in LEL, SALC and beyond who have helped make this possible.