Mancunians at ICHL25

Posted on August 5, 2022 by

Oxford University is hosting the 25th International Conference on Historical Linguistics this week. The programme features a number of papers with Manchester connections (some of them historical), as highlighted below.

Romance GO + infinitive: past and future, home and away
Nigel Vincent and Max W. Wheeler

Dynamical systems – a standard theory for language change?

Henri Kauhanen

Different thresholds of actuation and a case for micro-analytical studies
Tine Breban

A critical threshold for the population fraction of L2 speakers necessary and sufficient to bring about contact-induced language change
Henri Kauhanen

Sociolinguistic typology meets historical corpus linguistics
Gemma McCarley, Raquel Montero, Molly Rolf, Sarah Einhaus and George Walkden

The genitive alternation in early English
Roxanne Taylor, Tine Breban and Kersti Borjars

Multiple constructions and multiple factors at work: the actuation of auxiliary do

Lorenzo Moretti