Welcome to Leigh and Ryan

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Manchet is delighted to welcome two new colleagues. Joining are this semester are Leigh Harrington and Ryan Walter Smith.

Leigh (pictured right) is a Lecturer in English Language, joining us from Aston University. Leigh obtained her PhD from Nottingham in 2019. Her research is on discourse analysis and pragmatics, and she’s especially interested in debt collection communication and discourses of poverty and destitution. Manchet has established that Leigh coaches and plays football for Sherwood FC, so there is every chance she will be the first linguist on the Lionesses team. Other things she enjoys include thai boxing, Hull FC, bike rides and growing veggies in her garden. At the weekend she volunteers at food bank. 

Ryan (pictured left) is a Postdoctoral Researcher who will help Andrew and Jens in their quest to tackle lexical categories (long-standing readership of Manchet will be well aware that this project tends to attract people called Ryan). Ryan is joining us from Arizona, where he graduated in 2020, via University of Texas El Paso, where he worked as a visiting Assistant Professor. Heworks on syntax and semantics, and he has a particular interest in Iranian languages. Ryan’s mother and his paternal grandmother were both born in Yorkshire, so he’s essentially local. He likes learning languages for fun, and therefore probably has a good answer to the “how many languages does a linguist speak?” question. Apart from languages, Ryan also likes wildlife photography, and he plays classical guitar. By now, the department has a guitarist, a bassist, a violinist, a pianist and several singers – all we need is a drummer.

If you’d like to know what Leigh and Ryan’s arrival means for the beloved Manchet LEL Pets series, watch this space!

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