Mancunians at the LAGB meeting

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The annual meeting of the Linguistics Association of Great Britain is taking place this week in Belfast. Representing LEL are Ryan Walter Smith, who is performing a feat of presenting a paper in two parallel sessions, Ricardo Bermúdez-Otero, and well as numerous alumni, alumnae and former colleagues, as highlighted below.

Ryan Walter Smith and Jianrong Yu. Resultatives and the semantics of verbal roots.

Ryan Walter Smith and Jianrong Yu. Subjectless Presuppositions and Severing the External Argument

Deepthi Gopal, Henri Kauhanen, Christopher Kitching, Tobias Galla and Ricardo BermúdezOtero. Correlations between typological features predict their geo-spatial patterning

Bien Dobui, Yuni Kim, Jair Apóstol Polanco, Natalia Hernández Hernández and Stephen
. A novel three-way prosodic contrast in Amuzgo word-initial NC sequences

Yuni Kim. From raw data to usable materials for San Francisco del Mar Huave, a near-dormant language

Farah Nazir. A Morphosyntactic Comparison of Pahari-Pothwari Auxiliaries and Light Verbs

Sam Hellmuth, Julia Kolkmann and Marina Cantarutti. Understanding Language in the Real World: delivering academic skills and initial subject content through ProblemBased Learning

Deepthi Gopal and Stephen Nichols. Apparent–time change in Turkish front–mid–vowel allophony

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