Pets of LEL: Frankie Bannard

Posted on November 11, 2022 by

Manchet has a special Friday afternoon treat for you. Pets of LEL is back, featuring a very special guest, Frankie Bannard.

Frankie has just turned two and he’s the goodest boy. He likes to chew jumpers. The more expensive and hard to replace the better. He loves tennis balls. Particularly if they squeak. And footballs. He is a very good goalkeeper. His best friend is Eva the Alsatian from two doors down who is twice his size. They like to play chase.

He keeps Colin company when he works, and forces him to take breaks (some people have it all…). There is no linguistics more important than the walking schedule. In case of deviations, Frankie will go around the house stealing things until linguistics is forgotten and play is back on.

Manchet has established that Frankie is a proud owner of a Christmas Elf costume. Pets in Christmas outfits sounds like the perfect way to feature all the LEL pets again!

Warning: pictures of Frankie as a puppy will make you cry,

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