Pets of LEL: the MA pets

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The Linguistics MA class of 2023 has brought with it a serious amount of floof. Manchet is delighted to guide you through the wonderful world of these MAjestic animals.

Omar, Jules, Josh and Ari are Liam’s flatmates. Below is Liam’s own account of what it’s like to be around those regal felines.

Omar (black) is the oldest of the 3 and is extremely timid, he will run away if he hears someone coming down the stairs, even though we come down the stairs every day. As a quirk, he doesn’t meow in a typical way, and instead barks like a dog, except with a cat’s voice.

Jules (white/silver) is the middle child and is the apex predator of the local area. She is genuinely the fastest living creature I have seen with my own eyes and so her prey must adapt. I have seen a squirrel survive an encounter with her by intuiting that she can’t turn as fast as she runs, and so made a sharp right turn on a straightaway to buy itself time to find a tree to climb.

Josh (ginger) is the youngest Maine Coon in the house, he came as the runt of the litter already, and so is just regular cat size, despite the average size of the breed itself. Josh prefers to sleep in my room, and will decide he is bored of it on a whim, at which point he will become very vocal, and scream at me until I let him out.

The two boys are currently subject to the torment of our newest kitten, Ari. I suspect she has not tried to torment Jules yet as she can tell that she has a few screws loose.

While Omar, Jules, Josh and Ari are incredibly photogenic, we have another serious contender in the feline category, Cabbage. Cabbage is in the featured photo, trying to solve a syntactic problem.

Cabbage is a six-year-old British shorthair boy. His loyal housekeeper Zhenyang prepares his food and cleans his litterbox every day. If Zhenyang is behaving, Cabbage would generously curl up to her and allow her to pet his little fluffy head.

Cabbage did “Introduction to Couch and Mat Scratching” in school and got the full mark. In the meantime, he likes to ignore his water bowl and drink water from the toilet. He also likes to sit beside the window and watch people passing by and talking to each other. It is believed that Cabbage secretly has more information than anyone about gossip in the neighborhood.

Living in a sub-tropical country, one of Cabbage’s biggest interests is chasing after mosquitoes. Thanks to Cabbage, his loyal housekeeper is free from mosquito bites.

When he rests, Cabbage usually reads about syntax or pretends to be a Japanese prawn tempura.

But not all the MA student pets are cats. Proudly representing the canines, we’ve got Beau, George and Mille (pictured below from left to right). Beau and George are two of Millie’s puppies – after she was adopted by Michael’s family, it turned out she was pregnant, which is fantastic news for the LEL pet count.

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