Manchester Forum in Linguistics is back!

Posted on April 20, 2023 by

The annual Manchester Postgraduate Conference in Linguistics, MFiL, is happening this week, promising two days of exciting talks, career advice and general linguistics chat. This year’s edition is organised by Núria Barrios-Jurado and Elizabeth Tobyn, who are running a tight ship, with the support of Michael Cameron (treasurer), Vanessa Fung (treasurer), Luísa Ferrari (submissions co-ordinator), Eve Suharwardy (communications co-ordinator) and Ellen Symonds (website and social media co-ordinator). The programme features an impressive line-up of invited speakers, including LEL’s own Leigh Harrington, who will speak on linguistic evidence of person-centred approaches to collecting debt, and alumnus Stephen Nichols (currently at Essex), with a talk on vowel harmony in Bantu. The programme also includes multiple contributions from current postgraduate students at LEL:

Núria Barrios-Jurado “Postverbal subjects at the crossroads between syntax and pragmatics: evidence from Ibero-Romance”

Michael Cameron “Investigating Idiolect: An exploration of individual differences in lexico-grammar”

Luísa Ferrari “The development of new contrast markers out of simultaneity relations: a source-oriented explanation”

Eve Suharwardy “An Investigation into comparative standards in Malay”

Elizabeth Tobyn “Auxiliary selection with verbs of indefinite change in dialect-Italian bilinguals”

Even rays of sunshine have made a rare appearance in Manchester this week, so the event is set to be nothing less than all-round success.