Just as the tagline suggests, this blog is intended as a knock-off for the Department of Linguistics & English Language at The University of Manchester of successful departmental blogs at the linguistics departments at UC-Santa Cruz (WHISC), UMass (WHASC), and Stanford (The Sesquipedalian), though perhaps on a smaller scale. For now, the plans are not grandiose; it will be updated whenever it needs to be, whenever there is news to report, which hopefully will be fairly often. If you’re a Mancguist (current or former), send me (patrycja dot strycharczuk at manchester dot ac dot uk) news of your conference presentations and publications, announcements you want to make public, etc. (or those of your colleagues, students, or Manc alumni friends who shouldn’t be, but may still be, embarrassed to self-promote).

Please note that the current voice of Manchet is a native speaker of a Slavic language, so don’t expect definite and indefinite articles to be used correctly, or consistently.

The word manchet also denotes a wheaten yeast bread of very good quality, or a small flat circular loaf of same.

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