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‘Being Part of the City: Multilingual Manchester’ on YouTube

January 14, 2019 by

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Multilingual Manchester, a research unit based at The University of Manchester, has just released a film showcasing its outreach and public engagement work. You can watch on it on YouTube. How many LEL colleagues and students can you spot? Advertisements

We’re all getting up on the lingo thanks to Andrea

October 23, 2018 by

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Andrea Nini, our expert on all things language and crime, is now also expertly navigating the confusing world of social media. Andrea’s research on American slang terms traced though Twitter, joint with Jack Grieve and Diansheng Guo, features in this episode of Studies Show on Youtube. Essential viewing if you want to keep up with the […]

Nini and Linguistics Postgrads investigate

August 25, 2018 by

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Andrea Nini works relentlessly to keep the Crime section of Manchet going. In his latest assignment, Andrea and his forensics team, including but not limited to: Fatma Hamaid, Jiaqi Zhang, Christoper Powell, Sarah Mahmood, Lisa Donlan, and Guadalupe Pulido Casas, investigate the case of John Titor. This case is unusual, as it involves not only […]

YouTube fame for Villa-García

August 14, 2018 by

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Julio Villa-García, our in-house expert on syntax and language acquisition, has recently been interviewed by eLight Education, a Vietnamese organisation aimed at promoting the teaching of English across the country. With over 750,000 subscribers from different nationalities, 200,000 students studying on their YouTube channel per day, and around 70 million visitors, eLight is committed to […]

Jack Grieve @ LEL Research Seminar

March 18, 2018 by

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Next week, we welcome Jack Grieve at the LEL Research Seminars. Jack is a Professorial Fellow in Corpus Linguistics at the University of Birmingham. His primary research interests are “language variation and change through the quantitative analysis of large corpora of natural language data.” His talk will focus on language change led by cultural change […]

Andrea Nini, Dear Boss, and Saucy Jack

February 1, 2018 by

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The talk of the day is LEL’s very own Andrea Nini, who recently published an article on authorship analysis of some ‘Jack the Ripper’ letters. The news has gotten, to put it lightly, massive attention, as reported in the university of Manchester’s news letter: A researcher at the University has solved a mystery surrounding Jack […]

UG dissertation gets publicity

October 5, 2017 by

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The UG dissertation of Amy Portwood, called ‘All in a Name: Parental Naming Activity in Multilingual Manchester’ (submitted in May 2017, supervised by Prof Yaron Matras) has received some publicity. For her dissertation, Amy set out to ask 120 local mothers about the names given to their children born between 2010- 2015 (now aged between two and […]