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Pets of LEL: Olive

February 17, 2020 by

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Those of us who work in LEL know Heather Lennox very well, but to our followers worldwide: Heather is our Departmental Administrator. Olive is Heather’s cat. Olive likes to bite you while you are sleeping, meow at you incessantly at 5.45 a.m., and hunt you from her tunnels (pictured). She will attack any new person […]

Pets of LEL: Beatrice Bowler

February 14, 2020 by

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Pets of LEL continues with Beatrice Bowler. Beatrice is a labradoodle and a peaceful old lady. Here she is with her human, Margit, enjoying a snowy day in Kansas.

The pets of LEL: Jadzia and Esperanza

February 11, 2020 by

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Manchet is delighted to announce a new series: The pets of LEL. Stay tuned for updates on the department’s furry friends. Today, we’re pleased to introduce Jadzia Kimper and Esperanza Kimper.   Jadzia will be 2 years old in the spring.  Likes: sunny windowsills, bringing foam balls to her human so he can make them […]