Sandwidge 2007-8

Semester two, 2007-8

week date speaker topic
1 29 Jan no meeting
2 5 Feb Sylvia Adamson (Sheffield) ‘Empson, Williams and Jane Austen: Diachronic and synchronic perspectives on polysemy’
3 12 Feb Phillip Wallage (Manchester) ‘Negative Concord, Jespersen’s Cycle and variation between no-negation and not-negation in Early English: Some questions’
4 19 Feb Karen Corrigan (Newcastle) ‘The Newcastle Electronic Corpus of Tyneside English: What is it and what can you do with it?’
5 26 Feb Massimo Sturiale (Ragusa/Catania) ‘Eighteenth-century pronouncing dictionaries and language prescriptivism’
6 4 Mar Willem Hollmann (Lancaster) Being “cool” while doing something: The grammaticalisation of “lie” into a progressive aspect marker‘ (PDF, 24 KB)
7 11 Mar Laura Wright (Cambridge) [cancelled due to illness]
Easter break
8 8 Apr John Payne (Manchester) & Beatriz Macía Vega (Universidad de Santiago de Compostela) Do so‘ (MS Word, 39 KB)
9 15 Apr Rob Drummond (Manchester) The influence of local accent on the pronunciation of non-native English speakers in Manchester‘ [revised abstract] (PDF, 64 KB)
10 22 Apr Nick Smith (Salford) ‘From aspect to pragmatics: Will + be -ing and shall + be -ing
11 29 Apr Ricardo Bermúdez-Otero (Manchester) A dinghy to Singapore: Evidence for Chung’s Generalization’
12 6 May (Manchester) On attitudes to linguistic variation in the UK and Austria

Semester one, 2007-8

week date speaker topic
1 25 Sep no meeting
2 2 Oct (Manchester) Report on Germanic possessive ‘s project
3 9 Oct Alex Baratta (Manchester) ‘Using the passive voice to reveal stance’
4 16 Oct Filippo Nereo (Manchester) ‘On the identity of an isolated German community’
5 23 Oct (Manchester) ‘Designing a tagger for teaching purposes’
6 30 Oct reading week: no meeting
7 6 Nov Claire Cowie (Edinburgh) ‘Attitudes to accent in the Indian call centre industry’
8 13 Nov Terttu Nevalainen (Helsinki/Sheffield) Historical sociolinguistics meets typology: Negative concord in 18th-century English‘ (MS Word, 34 KB)
9 20 Nov Kristin Killie (Tromsø) ‘From locative to durative to focalised?  The English progressive and PROG imperfective drift’
10 27 Nov Susan Fitzmaurice (Sheffield) The roles of literacy practices and discourse community in early eighteenth-century England‘ (TXT, 1 KB)
11 4 Dec Katie Lowe (Glasgow) ‘Linguistic geography, demography, and monastic community: Scribal language at Bury St Edmunds’
12 11 Dec Richard Ingham (Birmingham City Univ.) ‘Anglo-Norman as a contact variety? The extent of grammatical parallels with Middle English’
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