Sandwidge 2008-9

Semester two, 2008-9

Tuesdays 1-2 pm, room S.1.5, Samuel Alexander Building.

1  3 Feb no meeting
2 10 Feb no meeting [LEL Forum: Group Work]
3 17 Feb no meeting
4 24 Feb Susanne Wagner (Freiburg/Canterbury) On Early English Pronunciation – an “early SED”?‘ (PDF, 10 KB)
5  3 Mar Dick Hudson (UCL) Why memory matters in English grammar‘ (PDF, 11 KB)
6 10 Mar David Tizón-Couto (Vigo) ‘Left Dislocation in the recent history of English’
7 17 Mar Charlotte Brewer (Oxford) “Lesbianism” and the Dictionary‘ (PDF, 10 KB)
8 24 Mar Marije van Hattum (Manchester) Irish English modal verbs in the 18th and 19th centuries‘ (PDF, 15 KB)
Easter break
9 21 Apr
10 28 Apr Carmen Llamas  (York)  postponed till 09-10
11  5 May Erik Schleef (Manchester) Sociolinguistics and immigration‘ (PDF, 14 KB)
12 12 May Jenny Cheshire (QMUL) ‘Multicultural London English: a source of innovation and change?’

Semester one, 2008-9

Tuesdays 1-2 pm, room S.1.5, Samuel Alexander Building.

week date speaker topic
1 30 Sep no meeting
2  7 Oct no meeting
3 14 Oct Stephen Laker (Manchester/Leiden) ‘Investigating Celtic influence on English phonology’
4 21 Oct Javier Pérez-Guerra (Vigo) ‘Measuring text types: two quantitative approaches to text-type variation in the (recent) history of English’
5 28 Oct Linda van Bergen (Edinburgh) Ne plus infinitive in Old English?’
6  4 Nov reading week: no meeting
7 11 Nov Lynda Mugglestone (Oxford) ‘Dictionaries, the OED, and the illusions of history’
8 18 Nov Kate Wild (Glasgow) ‘”When we find in a language one word serving many needs, we may be sure that that language is the mental furniture of an intellectually rude and poverty-stricken people”: attitudes towards polysemy in Late Modern English’
9 25 Nov Sophie Guile (Manchester) ‘English adnominal possessive constructions: an analysis of expositions & omissions in 18th century precept texts’
10  2 Dec Kevin Watson (Lancaster) ‘Exploring phonological variation and change in Merseyside’
11  9 Dec no meeting
12 16 Dec Graeme Trousdale (Edinburgh) ‘Constructionalization’


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