Sandwidge 2012-13

Semester 2 (Spring 2013)

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Semester 1 (Autumn 2012)

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2nd Oct: Des Ryan (Trinity, Dublin): “Towards a formal theory of (mostly English) spelling, including standard and non-standard spellings, names, puns, blends, logos, Doodles, abbreviations, portmanteaux, punctuation, emoticons, onomatopoems or any other higgledy piggledy squiggles that might mean something to some of the people, some of the time”
16th Oct: Keith Battarbee (Turku): “Paradoxes of Language Planning: Aboriginal Languages and English in the Canadian North”
6th Nov: Michael Ramsammy & Danielle Turton (Manchester): “Happ[ɪ] Talk: a socio-phonological analysis of unstressed vowels in Mancunian English” (NB: odd week!)
13th Nov: Tine Breban (Manchester): “How to fit textual and discourse deixis into a typology of intersubjectivity and intersubjectification”
27th Nov: Caitlin Light (York): “The syntax and pragmatics of fronting in Germanic”
11th Dec: Ruth Carroll (Turku): “Problems in dating the grammaticalization of (English) general extenders”

Organizers: David Denison and George Walkden.

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