LEL Resources

Linguistics and English Language at the University of Manchester has a world-class set of resources for linguistic research and teaching. Navigate to different sections via the links in the menu bar or below. Some resources mentioned are available only to staff and students of the University of Manchester.

Many web-based services will work fine off-campus. Those web services authenticated from a campus IP address will work if you install the VPN (‘virtual private network’) client on a home computer. However, programs which don’t use a browser are not accessible from outside the university, and stored corpora only if you use the VPN.

Laboratory facilities

The division of Linguistics and English Language currently has both phonetics and psycholinguistics laboratories. These equipment and facilities are available for use by staff and PhD students, and by undergraduate and MA students with appropriate supervision. See this link for more information about what’s on offer.

Corpora and electronic resources

This set of pages is permanently under construction.

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