Schultze-Berndt at LEL seminar

November 19, 2018

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The seminar tomorrow (Tuesday 19th Novemeber) is by our very own Eva Schultze-Berndt:   ‘Whoosh, off we go into another mode: The linguistic function of mimesis and the parts of speech status of ideophones’ The talk will take place in A102 as usual, and there will be drinks afterwards. You can download the abstract here. Advertisements

Hohaus at Ambiguity Workshop

November 16, 2018

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The University of Tübingen is hosting a workshop on “Ambiguity as (Information) Gaps: Processes of Creation and Resolution” this week, featuring work by Vera Hohaus,  joint with Petra Augurzky and Rolf Ulrich. Their poster presents the results of an ERP study on “Processing Domain Restriction across Denotation Domains: The Case of Temporal Quantification”.

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Another cohort of Q-Step interns share their stories

November 14, 2018

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Manchester Q-Step celebrated another successful round of summer internships today, with an event featuring Q-Step interns, as well as invited speakers Dr Michelle McDowell (Harding Center for Risk Literacy) and Tom Forth (ODI Leeds). Among the student presentations was the work by two LEL Q-Step interns, Enhui Cheng and Chloe Gornall, showcasing their dialectology research […]

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Bailey at PhilSoc

November 13, 2018

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George Bailey, who is two achievements away from getting his own dedicated category on Manchet, has been invited to speak at the upcoming meeting of the Philological Society, hosted by the University of Sheffield. George’s contribution will focus on the social meaning of the  [ŋɡ] variable in the North of England, and its role (or […]

Adam Chong at LEL seminar

November 12, 2018

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This week, we welcome Adam Chong (QMUL) at the LEL seminar. Adam’s talk, titled ‘The effect of phonotactics on alternation learning’, will take place on Tuesday 13th November at 4.15 in A102, and will be followed by a wine reception. All are welcome. Abstract below.   The effect of phonotactics on alternation learning Adam J. […]

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Bentley and Cruschina in Glossa

November 8, 2018

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Hot off the press is the typology and predictions concerning the silent argument of broad focus. This paper by Delia, co-authored with Silvio Cruschina, former postdoc at LEL, has just appeared in Glossa, and it is as impressive as it is ethical, following the full Open Access model. The data come from Italian, one of […]

Successful viva for Victoria Thomas

November 6, 2018

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LEL is proud to present its most newly minted PhD, Victoria Thomas. Victoria has just passed her viva, defending a dissertation on ‘Auxiliary omission in German embedded clauses from 1650 to 1800’. This dissertation project was supervised by Kersti and Tine, while the examiners where Prof Ulrike Demske (Potsdam) and Eva. Manchet congratulates!