LEL Research Seminars

Our seminars take place every Tuesday afternoon during term-time in the Samuel Alexander building (room information below). They are followed by further discussion over a glass of wine or juice and dinner, to which everyone is welcome to come along!

The seminar series is organised by Vera Hohaus, together with one of our PGT students, Oriana Ribic. Please click here to subscribe to the seminar’s LISTSERV mailing list.

Schedule for 2019-20 2nd semester, 4.15pm

28th January 2020, Sam Alex A101

Andrew Stewart (U of Manchester), “Reasoning as we read: how do readers understand conditional statements, implied meaning, and indirect meaning during comprehension?”

4th February 2020, Sam Alex A101

Chris Montgomery (U of Sheffield), “What can real-time reactions to voice samples tell us about ‘salient’ features?”

11th February 2020, Sam Alex A115

Wendell Kimper (U of Manchester), “Looking for markedness (…in all the wrong places?)”

18th February 2020, Sam Alex A101

Antonella Sorace (U of Edinburgh), “Reconceptualizing native language attrition in bilinguals as natural language change”

5th May 2020, Zoom

Esme Winter-Froemel (Julius-Maximilians Universität Würzburg)

Schedule for 2019-20 1st semester, 4.30pm

24th September 2019, Sam Alex A101

Christopher Hicks (U of Manchester), “Functions, Features, and Where to Find Them”

1st October 2019, Sam Alex A101

Julio Villa-García (U of Manchester), “ (que) (‘yes that’) and (‘yes’) across Spanish Varieties: Mapping Out the Structure of the CP Domain”

8th October 2019, Sam Alex A7

Lisa Matthewson (U of British Columbia, Vancouver), “Temporal Evidentials without Tense”

15th October 2019, Sam Alex A7

Ann-Marie Hunter (U of Leeds), “Providing Practice in the Second Language Classroom: The Poster Carousel Revisited”

22nd October 2019
CIDRAL Public Lecture, 5-7pm (!), Sam Alex A113

Stephanie Schnurr (U of Warwick), “Challenging Hegemonic Notions of Leadership through Storytelling: Experiences from Professionals around the Globe”

23rd October 2019
CIDRAL Key Ideas Seminar, 2-4pm, Ellen Wilkinson B2.4

Stephanie Schnurr (U of Warwick), “Leadership, Gender and Culture: How Discourse Analysis Can Help Make Sense of Abstract Concepts”

5th November 2019, Sam Alex A115

Richard Zimmermann (U of Manchester), “Cool Things to Do with Corpora: Experiments on Word Embedding and Lexical Dispersion”

6th November 2019
CIDRAL Public Lecture, 5-7pm, Sam Alex SG.16

Tammy A. Gales (Hofstra U), “Netflix and Change?: Forensic Linguistics and False Confessions in the Age of ‘True Crime'”

7th November 2019
CIDRAL Key Ideas Seminar, 2-4pm, Ellen Wilkinson B2.4

Tammy A. Gales (Hofstra U), “Ideologies of Violence: Threatening Language Ideologies vs. Threatening Language Realities”

12th November 2019, Sam Alex A7

Andrew Koontz-Gardoben (U of Manchester), “State/ Change-of-State Polysemy and the Lexical Semantics of Property Concept Lexemes”

19th November 2019, Sam Alex A7

Christopher Carignan (University College London), “How to Build a Linguistic Time Machine (Instructions Included)”

10th December 2019, Sam Alex A7

Graham Stevens (U of Manchester), “Monstrous Messages and Displaced Communications”

(Last updated: 16th February 2020)

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