LEL Research Seminars 2021-22

The research seminars take place bi-weekly in Roscoe_2.3 on Tuesdays at 4pm. Some speakers will come to us in person, others present their talks on zoom only. Irrespective of how the speakers find their way to us, we use “dual delivery” for all talks, i.e. you can either join us in person or from your computer at home. Please subscribe to the seminar’s LISTSERV mailing list for the Zoom links and reminders about the events. You can subscribe through this link.

Please do join the events any way you can. Below is the schedule for this semester.

Date  Speaker  Field 
28/9/2021 Ryan Walter Smith – University of Texas, El Paso – and Jianrong Yu – University of Singapore –  (speakers will join via zoom)  # In collaboration with the Semantics Lab # (Syntax-semantics interface)
12/10/2021 Hazel Pearson – Queen Mary University of London –  (speaker will join us in person) (Formal semantics)
26/10/2021 Eleanor Chodroff  – University of York –  (speaker will join us in person) (Phonetics)
16/11/2021 Rajesh Bhatt – University of Massachusetts, Amherst –  (speaker will join via zoom) (Syntax)
30/11/2021 Mary Chioti – University of Manchester –  (speaker will join us in person) (Sociolinguistics)
14/12/2021 Martin Haspelmath – Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology Leipzig –  (speaker will join us in person) (Typology)
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