LEL Research Seminars

Our seminars take place every Tuesday afternoon during term-time in the Samuel Alexander building (room information below). They are followed by further discussion over a glass of wine or juice and dinner, to which everyone is welcome to come along!

Our current organiser of the seminar series is Vera Hohaus. Please click here to send her an e-mail to be added to the seminar mailing list.

Schedule for 2019-20 1st semester, 4.30pm

24th September 2019, SamAlex A101

Christopher Hicks (U of Manchester)

1st October 2019, Sam Alex A101

Ioanna Sitaridou (U of Cambridge), “Inflected Infinites in Galician and Romeyka: Ornamental Morphology and Diachronic Volatility”

8th October 2019

Lisa Matthewson (U of British Columbia, Vancouver)

15th October 2019

Ann-Marie Hunter (U of Leeds)

22nd October 2019

Richard Zimmermann (U of Manchester)

5th November 2019

Eleanor Chodroff (U of York)

12th November 2019

Andrew Koontz-Gardoben (U of Manchester)

19th November 2019

[to be confirmed]

26th November 2019

Ariadne Loutrari (U of Manchester)

3rd December 2019

Daniel Gutzmann (Universität zu Köln)

10th December 2019

Graham Stevens (U of Manchester)

Schedule for 2019-20 2nd semester, 4.15pm

28th January 2020

Andrew Steart (U of Manchester)

4th February 2020

Chris Montgomery (U of Sheffield)

11th February 2020

Wendell Kimper (U of Manchester)

18th February 2020

[to be confirmed]

25th February 2020

Kyle Jerro (U of Essex)

3rd March 2020

Robin Thompson (U of Birmingham)

10th March 2020

Lisa Donlan (U of Manchester)

17th March 2020

[to be confirmed]

24th March 2020

Stephen Nicols (U of Manchester)

21st April 2020

[to be confirmed]

28th April 2020

Maria Chioti (U of Manchester)

5th May 2020

Esme Winter-Froemel (Julius-Maximilians Universität Würzburg)

(Last updated: 8th September 2019)

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