LEL Research Seminars

Our seminars take place during term-time on occasional Tuesdays (roughly once every other week), from 4.15 to 5.30 pm. They are followed by further discussion over a glass of wine or juice, everyone is welcome!

The current seminar organiser is Kersti Börjars, if you want to be added to our mailing list, please send her an email (k dot borjars at manchester dot ac dot uk).

The speakers until Christmas are:

Date Room Speaker Topic
25 Sept A102 Andrea Nini


Studying Jack the Ripper’s idiolect: The implications for modern linguistics
2 Oct A102 Víctor Acedo-Matellán


Roots, categorial heads, and locality in morphology
9 Oct A7 George Bailey and Stephen Nichols


All paths lead to [ʃ]: Varying sibilant articulation and s-retraction in Manchester English
16 Oct A102 Alice Corr


Old Ibero-Romance distributive numerals and the syntax-semantics interface
23 Oct A102 Pawel Iosad


Evidence for Stratal Phonology: stem-level phonology and morphological structure
6 Nov

12 noon

Ulrike Demske


Syntax and Discourse Structure: V-Final Main Clauses in German
6 Nov 5-7 pm TBC CIDRAL event:

Daniel Everett, Bentley University: How language began: 60,000 generations of humans talking

13 Nov A102 Adam Chong


The effect of phonotactics on alternation learning
20 Nov A102 Eva Schultze-Berndt


Whoosh, off we go into another mode: The linguistic function of mimesis and the parts of speech status of ideophones
27 Nov A102 James Findlay


When the cat you let out of the bag has claws: the role of metaphor in understanding idioms
4 Dec A102 Kathleen Easlick


Policy, practice, and discourse: Language hierarchies in public service provision
11 Dec A102 Sophie Holmes Elliott


Future leaders: real time incrementation of sound change between childhood and adolescence


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