Since 2013 LEL has been in the position to run a series of postgraduate masterclasses!

Masterclasses generally take the form of a 2-hour session, and there may be some reading suggestions for each masterclass. All PGT students, PGR students, and staff are warmly invited to attend.

There will be occasional masterclasses in 2015-16. For questions about the masterclass programme, email Yuni Kim.

For the 2014-15 programme, click here. Below is the programme from the previous academic year (2013-14).

Date Speaker Topic Time Venue
Wed 6th Nov 2013 Alex Clark (KCL) Theoretical Linguistics and Formal Learning Theory 10-12, 2-4 University Place 4.209
Wed 13th Nov 2013 Li Wei (Birkbeck) with Yaron Matras Multilingualism (CIDRAL event) 1.30-3 Sam Alex A116
Mon 18th Nov 2013 Chris Cummins (Edinburgh) Implicatures and scalar diversity 10-12, 2-4 Sam Alex A215, then Williamson G33
Wed 5th Feb 2013 Isabelle Bril (CNRS) Complex Predicates 10-12, 2-4 Crawford House Committee Room D
Mon 3rd March 2014 James Scobbie (QMU) Phonetics and Phonology CANCELLED 1-3, 3.30-5.30 Phonetics Lab
Wed 12th March 2014 Evangelia Adamou (CNRS) A corpus driven approach to language contact for lesser-known languages 10-12, 2-4 Sam Alex W2.19
Wed 19th March 2014 Sabine Arndt-Lappe (Düsseldorf) Analogy in English word-formation 10-12, 2-4 Sam Alex A113, then A18
Wed 26th March 2014 Dag Haug (Oslo) Information-Structural Annotation 10-12, 2-4 Sam Alex A215, then W219
Wed 2nd April 2014 Paul Heggarty (MPI Leipzig), with Stuart Campbell and Terry Brown Language, genes and dispersal (CIDRAL event) 10-11.30 tba
Wed 30th April 2014 Naomi Nagy (Toronto) Extending ELAN into Variationist Sociolinguistics CANCELLED 2-5 Phonetics Lab
Wed 14th May 2014 Christopher Lucas (SOAS) Varieties and morphosyntax of Arabic 11.30-1.30, 2.30-4.30 Mansfield Cooper 2.03
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