Semester two, 2007-8

Tuesdays 4pm-5pm, Room A.101 [Semester 2 only], Samuel Alexander Building, then drinks 5pm-6pm, Room W3.13, Samuel Alexander Building.

Week Date Speaker Topic
1 29 Jan no seminar
2 5 Feb Isabel Pereira (University of Coimbra, Portugal) ‘Varieties of Portuguese: Some phonological and syntactic features’
3 12 Feb Susana Afonso (University of Manchester) Functional shifts in constructions‘ (PDF, 40 KB)
4 19 Feb Yi Xu (UCL) Understanding speech from the perspective of articulation and information coding‘ (PDF, 52 KB)
5 26 Feb Sarah Collie (University of Edinburgh) Causes of vowel reduction in English: An argument from word-final consonants‘ (PDF, 109 KB)
6 4 Mar no seminar
7 11 Mar Malcah Yaeger-Dror (University of Arizona) Is there a supra-regional African American Dialect, and if not why not?‘ (PDF, 86 KB)
Easter break
8 8 Apr Irina Nikolaeva (SOAS) Topicality and nonsubject marking‘ (PDF, 57 KB)
9 15 Apr no seminar
10 22 Apr Geoffrey K. Pullum (University of Edinburgh) Infinity, recursion, and the universal properties of human language‘ (PDF, 32 KB)
11 29 Apr Iván García Álvarez (University of Salford) Adjectival associates of Exception Phrases‘ (PDF, 69 KB)
12 6 May Alexander Andrason (University of Iceland) Vilamovicean and language contact phenomenon: The influence of Polish on the smallest Germanic language‘ (PDF, 52 KB)

Semester one, 2007-8

Tuesdays 4 pm, room S.1.7, Samuel Alexander Building (previously Humanities Lime Grove).

Week Date Speaker Topic
1 25 Sep no meeting
2 2 Oct Mark Harvey (Univ. of Newcastle, Australia /SOAS) ‘Complex predicates and argument structure’
3 9 Oct Michael Riessler (Humboldt-Universität Berlin) ‘Some issues in Kildin Saami phonology’
4 16 Oct no meeting
5 23 Oct Eva Schultze-Berndt (Univ. of Manchester) Verb-framed, satellite-framed or neither? An Australian perspective on Talmy’s typology of motion events‘ (RTF, 12 KB)
6 30 Oct reading week: no meeting
7 6 Nov Bert Vaux (Cambridge Univ.) Phonological acquisition and theory construction‘ (TXT, 2 KB)
8 13 Nov Harold Somers (Univ. of Manchester) Free on-line machine translation, language teaching and plagiarism‘ (TXT 1 KB)
9 20 Nov Loretta O’Connor (Univ. Hamburg / MPI Nijmegen) All typologies leak: Predicate types in Lowland Chontal of Oaxaca‘ (MS Word, 107 KB)
10 27 Nov no meeting
11 4 Dec Pauline Harries (Univ. of Manchester) ‘The Faroese sa(r)-possessive’
12 11 Dec no meeting
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