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Semester 2 (Spring 2010)

2nd Feb: Delia Bentley (Manchester): Subject markedness and pivot encoding in Romance and beyond

9th Feb: Andrew Nevins (Harvard, UCL): Laryngeal features at the berm: Turkish vs. Russian

16th Feb: Oliver Bond (SOAS): Negative construction typology

23rd Feb: Martin Durrell (Manchester): Clefting: A Comparative Approach

2nd March: Inbal Arnon (Manchester): When bigger is better: the facilitative role of multi-word chunks in language learning

16th March: Lauren Hall-Lew (Oxford): Tracking Social Change through Sound Change: The LOT/THOUGHT merger among Chinese- & Irish-Americans in San Francisco, California

23rd March: Aurelie Joubert (Manchester): Evolution of language prestige and speakers’ attitudes in Catalan and Occitan

20th April: David Denison (Manchester): SKT-constructions: The relation between synchronic and diachronic analysis

27th April: Fil Nereo (Manchester): Structural Consequences of Language Death – a (Sudeten) German Perspective

4th May: Donna Jo Napoli (Swarthmore) & Rachel Sutton-Spence (Bristol): The Linguistic Underpinnings of Humour in Sign Languages

11th May: Graham Stevens (Manchester): Definite Descriptions and Logical Form

Semester 1 (Autumn 2009)

29th Sep: ‘The nut opens and hunger ends’: Multiple readings and levels of meaning – the semantics of verbs of ‘opening’ in Ewe and other West African languages

6th Oct: Do you see what I mean? Grounding semantics in perceptual modalities

13th Oct: The Evidential Uses of English and German Perception Verbs: Constructions of (Inter)Subjectivity

20th Oct: The participation of African languages in the constitution of Brazilian Portuguese

27th Oct: Priming genitive constructions in child language

17th Nov: Vowels and consonants in Gurindji Kriol, a mixed language of northern Australia

1st Dec: Refining the Cognitive Approach to Island Effects – Limitations of Information Structure and Processing Accounts

8th Dec: The grammaticalisation of progressive and andative aspects in the dialects of Apulia

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