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Semester 2 (Spring 2012)

31st Jan: Eric Atwell (Leeds)

7th Feb: Eulàlia Bonet (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)

20th March: John Payne (Manchester): The syntax and semantics of anaphoric one: implications for linguistic nativism

17th April: Lutz Marten (SOAS): Locative and related inversions in Bantu

8th May: Paul Chilton (Lancaster): Validity claims, linguistics and the critical analysis of discourse

Semester 1 (Autumn 2011)

18th Oct: George Walkden (Cambridge): Syntactic reconstruction and null arguments in early Germanic

1st Nov: Anvita Abbi (SOAS): Understanding the possible variability of human language: A case of rare linguistic structures in Great Andamanese

8th Nov: Leendert Plug (Leeds): Lenition, fortition and the status of affrication: Evidence from spontaneous British RP English

15th Nov: Martina Faller (Manchester): Evidential Scalar Implicatures

22nd Nov: Yaron Matras (Manchester): Contact linguistics and the evolution of language

13th Dec: Christian Uffmann (Sussex): (Sociolinguistic) Variation and Phonological Representations

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