Semester 2 (Spring 2013)

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5th Feb: Wendell Kimper (Manchester): Non-locality in harmony: Taking the listener’s perspective

19th Feb: Bettelou Los (Edinburgh): The fate of verb-second in the history of English: evidence for a typological switch? Or: How psycholinguistics can inform historical linguistics

26th Feb: Dieter Stein (Düsseldorf): A view from the frontier in Open Access electronic publishing (run jointly with CIDRAL; note odd week and different venue, University Place 1.219)

5th March: Jenneke van der Wal (Cambridge): Subordinate clauses and exclusive focus in Makhuwa: no independent information structure?

19th March: James Kirby (Edinburgh): Dialect variation and phonetic change: Incipient tonogenesis in Khmer

25th March: Naomi Nagy (Toronto): Looking for contact effects in Heritage Languages

23rd April: Delia Bentley (Manchester): Manciati siti? On result-state participles in Italian and Southern Italo-Romance

7th May: Rosina Márquez Reiter (Surrey): The dynamics of complaining in an unregulated commercial setting

26th June: Michele Loporcaro (Universität Zürich): The impact of morphology on change in agreement systems (note that this is on a Wednesday out of term)

Semester 1 (Autumn 2012)

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2nd Oct: Kersti Börjars (Manchester): Growing syntax: the development of functional structure in Germanic noun phrases

15th Oct: Ash Asudeh (Oxford/Carleton): Thematic uniqueness and resource accounting (NOTE: on a Monday, in Mansfield Cooper G19)

16th Oct: Antonio Fortin (Manchester): Dimensions of morphological meaning: reining in the rampant polysemy of evaluative affixes

30th Oct: Napoleon Katsos (Cambridge): Quantity implicatures from a developmental perspective

20th Nov: Holger Diessel (Jena): Clause and constituent order in complex sentences: Processing or diachronic inheritance? (jointly with Psychology; NOTE: NOT 13th Nov!)

27th Nov: Mark Aronoff (Stony Brook): Partial organization in languages: La langue est un système où la plupart se tien(nen)t

11th Dec: Benedikt Szmrecsanyi (Manchester): On linguistic complexity (in varieties of English and beyond)

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