bigdata April 23, 2014

UG Course Fair and Dissertation Session

April 22, 2014



Next week sees two special events for our undergraduates: 1. The Dissertation information meeting (for current year 2, 2+2, and year 3 studying abroad students) Time: 2-3pm Location: Leamington Theatre In the session, you will get information on what a dissertation is, how it is implemented as a course unit in the year 3 programme […]

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Italian contrastive focalization and its interaction with givenness

April 20, 2014



This Tuesday (22nd April), there will be a special out-of-term LEL Research Seminar featuring UCL’s Vieri Samek-Lodovici. His title is Italian contrastive focalization and its interaction with givenness, and the talk will be in the usual time at the usual place: 4.15pm in Ellen Wilkinson A2.16. Here’s the abstract: This talk investigates the interaction of […]

Danielle and Míša bring Henderson Prize home!

April 19, 2014


In recent weeks Danielle Turton and Michaela Hejná have been flying the colours of Manchester phonology, phonetics, and sociolinguistics at venues up and down the country, with presentations at the Colloquium of the British Association of Academic Phoneticians (BAAP) in Oxford on 7 April, and at the 6th Northern Englishes Workshop in Lancaster on 16 […]

50 years of linguistics in Manchester

April 17, 2014



Manchet previously reported that the Department of Linguistics at the Victoria University of Manchester was founded 50 years ago. On May 10th we’re celebrating this longevity by holding a party, and we’d like you to come! The event is called Reflections on Language, and runs from 10am-4pm on Saturday 10th May. It features short, accessible […]

Social responsibility in the curriculum

April 15, 2014



Laurel MacKenzie has received a Social Responsibility in the Curriculum grant! The grant, funded by the Humanities External Relations Committee (HERC), will be used to initiate an educational outreach project with local schools involving the dialect maps website. Students enrolled in Language Variation and Change will have the opportunity go into English Language A-level classes […]

LEL Easter conference round-up

April 14, 2014


As usual, Manchester’s sociolinguists and historical linguists have been getting around, inserting themselves into the programmes of goodness knows how many conferences. Here’s a run-down of some of them: BAAP 2014 (last week): Michaela Hejná: Vocalic conditioning of pre-aspiration in Aberystwyth English Danielle Turton: Ultrasound evidence for gradient and categorical components of English /l/-lenition processes […]


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