lingmap November 23, 2014

Khawla Ghadgoud at Langwidge Sandwidge

November 20, 2014


On Tuesday 25th November at 1pm, LEL PhD student Khawla Ghadgoud will be presenting a talk at the Langwidge Sandwidge on The role of predicate type in determining negation patterns in Modern Arabic dialects. You can read the abstract here. Khawla also presented a paper at mFiL last week, on the related topic of pseudo-verbs […]

Walkden on a whether tour

November 18, 2014



George Walkden made the arduous journey to Lancaster last week (11th November) to present new work at their Linguistics Circle with the title The whether report: English embedded questions then and now. This Thursday (20th November) he’ll be presenting the same talk at Edinburgh, at a different Linguistic Circle. Rumour has it that Walkden is […]

mFil a success once again

November 16, 2014



2014′s mFiL conference, held in Dalton Ellis Hall, continued a great tradition of combining serious linguistics with serious fun! The conference featured presentations from Mancunians at every level: Undergraduate student Donald Alasdair Morrison, presenting on Regional Variation in Jespersen’s Cycle in Early Middle English (with George Walkden); Masters students George Bailey (“East Fife, four… Forfar, […]

mFiL is nearly here!

November 10, 2014



You can now view the abstract booklet on the mFiL programme page. mFiL is a conference for postgraduate and early career researchers, and its speakers are doing some of the most exciting new research in the field. Plenaries this year are Wing Yee Chow (UCL), Joel Wallenberg (Newcastle), Manchester PhD alumna Patrycja Strycharczuk (now at […]

Control your emotions!

November 7, 2014

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Wed 19th Nov sees two events with visiting examiner Gunter Senft (Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics). There’s a masterclass on Fieldwork methodology, 10-12, and a talk 1-2, with the title “Control your emotions! If teasing provokes you, you’ve lost your face…”: The Trobriand Islanders’ control of their public display of emotions. Both events will be […]

LinguistMix: planning, purism and multilingualism

November 5, 2014

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LinguistMix is on again this Thursday in University Place: 17.30-19.30 in room 6.207. There will, as usual, be two short talks and plenty of time for refreshments and socializing. The speakers and a summary of their talks are below. 1. Virve Vihman on Planning and purism: Linguistic identity in Estonia ​ The conscious formation of […]


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